FORMER District Employees and RETIREES

If your contact information was up to date in ORS’s MiAccount system and this refund applies to you, you should have received an email from ORS on Friday, January 19th indicating the amount of your refund and interest.

If there was an email address in your MiAccount information, the district will be sending you an email that includes a direct deposit form as well as a W-4.  Please return both forms by February 9, 2018 via either email or the US mail (to the attention of the Business Office).  If there was only a telephone number or mailing address listed in your MiAccount information, the district will attempt to contact you using those methods.

If all of this applies to you:

  • You are an inactive or retired employee and you worked during the time period mentioned above,
  • You did not have an updated email contact in ORS MiAccount prior to January 9, 2018,
  • You have not been contacted yet by the district,

Please send updated contact information to the business office at strick@whiteford.k12.mi.us;   supply your email address, home address and phone number.

If the district is in receipt of your paperwork by the close of business on Thursday, February 15th, your payment will be issued on February 23rd, barring any last minute complications.  Payments for any paperwork received after February 15th will have a March processing date.