A great deal of emphasis is placed on bus safety. Please do not allow children to take pets, large items (i.e., instruments, bags, sporting equipment) or water devices on the buses. These things disrupt bus conduct and affect the safety of all passengers.

Driving a school bus and transporting students is a tremendous responsibility. We must give our entire support to the driver of the bus. The safety of all children is our predominant concern and any type of misconduct, which might disrupt the driver's attention, will not be tolerated. We are asking for the total support of students riding the buses and encouragement from parents/guardians regarding proper behavior on the buses. Students are expected to follow the bus driver's instructions promptly and courteously.

Have an Emergency Plan

Occasionally a child arrives home after school before a parent/guardian is present. Make sure you have a plan in place so your child knows what to do. Parents are sometimes delayed in traffic and are a few minutes late. However, a tremendous amount of time spent searching for parents/guardians/caregivers can be eliminated if everyone knows what to do in "emergency" situations. It's always good to have a plan in place before it's actually needed!!


Kindergartners will receive a notice regarding their bus scheduling from the elementary office. Questions regarding kindergarten bus scheduling should be directed to Charlie Butz, Director of Transportation, Buildings & Grounds, at 734.856.1443, ext. 107 or via EMAIL.

Requests to Ride a Different Bus

Due to the size of our bus loads and State laws, which limit the number of students who may ride on a bus, it is not possible to allow students to ride a bus other than the one they are assigned to ride. All of our buses are at or near full capacity and cannot accommodate additional passengers. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated! We will most certainly attempt to be accommodating in emergency/last minute or babysitting type situations, but cannot permit other requests. Parents are reminded that notes regarding other than assigned pick-up and/or drop-off requests must be written each school year.

Questions regarding bus assignments should be directed to Charlie Butz, Director of Transportation, Buildings & Grounds, at 734.856.1443, ext. 107 or via EMAIL.

Parking Lot Information

To assist the district in providing a safe environment for everyone in our parking lots, please note the following:

  • Have your child(ren) ride the school bus to and from school on a regular basis. This will alleviate a great deal of congestion that occurs in the district's parking lots before and after school.
  • Use extreme caution whenever driving in the vicinity of the school, especially at the beginning and end of the school day.
  • Follow the posted "School Zone" speed limit signs ~ 25 mph during the hours of 7:00 AM-8:00 AM and 3:00 PM-4:00 PM. Fines are doubled in these areas!!
  • Middle/high school students are NOT PERMITTED to walk to the elementary building and board their bus; they must board their bus at the front of the middle/high school building. If a student misses their bus in front of the middle/high school building, they are to immediately report to the middle/high school office and arrangements will be made for the student to meet their bus at a designated location.
  • Students (both elementary and middle/high school) should be reminded to use the designated YELLOW CROSSWALK when walking through the parking lot before and after school. Please do not park in the crosswalk.
  • All middle/high school students may be picked up and dropped off at either the Consear Road middle school entrance in front of the school or at the Sylvania Petersburg Road entrance in the back parking lot. 
  • The traffic flow pattern along the sidewalk in the back of the middle/high school building is designated as ONE-WAY (heading towards Sylvania-Petersburg Road) so that students being dropped-off or picked-up can exit/enter vehicles and not have to walk through vehicles in the parking lot. Your assistance in adhering to this traffic flow pattern will greatly increase the safety for our students.
  • The elementary building has curbing in front of it, which acts as a bus "safety lane." The purpose of this "safety lane" is to allow ONLY buses to travel between the curbing and the sidewalk of the school. By restricting this lane to bus traffic only, it is our intent to create a much safer environment for the elementary students when loading and/or unloading from buses. We also ask your cooperation in NOT using the area that is restricted for bus use only.
  • Parents wishing to drop-off or pick-up elementary students must park in one of the available parking spaces and escort their child(ren) to/from the building via the crosswalk. Do not cross the bus lane between buses (other than in the designated crosswalk area.)

Remember...The safety of students, staff and parents is of utmost importance. Please be patient when entering the district's parking lots before/after school.


Whiteford Agricultural Schools

6655 Consear Rd
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
Charlie Butz
Director of Transportation, Buildings & Grounds

Bus Number/Bus Driver

1-20 ~ Misti Burtscher (MISD)
2-18 ~ Judy Denomy
3-18 ~ Cathy Granata
4-18 ~ Ali Lake
5-20 ~ Rachael DeBarr
6-19 ~ TBA
7-20 ~ Kris Schroyer

Substitute Bus Drivers

Joe Allore
Nick Blaisdell
Julie Harsh
Terri Lykowski
Jack Schaefer
Jason Swearingen


PDF DocumentTransportation Request Form

Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

Whiteford is always in need of substitute bus drivers.  If you have free time in the mornings and/or afternoons and are interested, please contact Charlie Butz, Director of Transportation & Buildings and Grounds at 734.856.1443, ext. 107 or via EMAIL.   We'll even help you with obtaining your CDL!

This is a great job for stay-at-home moms or dads with school-aged children or retirees who love working with children and want to earn a little extra money!!