Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2022-2027 was Board approved at the May 9, 2022 meeting that was created by a very broad and diverse group of 32 stakeholders and the survey results of over 400 people. Throughout the planning process, the community expressed high expectations of Whiteford Schools becoming a world-class school district and having all students graduate from high school. Even though some of the goals are extremely high, they reflect the strong desire that has been expressed to embrace significant change and dramatically improve the school system for the next five years.

Whiteford Agricultural School District’s mission is to engage in purposeful learning and empower all for a meaningful role in our dynamic world.

Whiteford Agricultural School District’s vision is to develop value-driven leaders and critical thinkers who will positively impact their community.

Engaged in our Learning, Encouraged by our Community, and Empowered for our World.

Whiteford Agricultural School District strives to engage, encourage, and empower all students to reach their highest potential. In order to achieve this standard of excellence, every member of the Whiteford Agricultural School District must believe that they play an important role in the success of our students. Our staff will continue to provide a standard of service to all stakeholders that ensures a feeling of welcomeness, belonging, and helpfulness in serving the needs of others.

Standards of Service

1. We believe everyone has the ability to be successful.

2. We believe in meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of everyone in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.

3. We believe in a highly qualified and dedicated staff.

4. We believe community support is valuable in promoting student success. 

Goal Statement: Develop and maintain a rigorous and relevant curriculum among all disciplines that is vertically aligned K-12.

Desired Outcome: All students will have equal opportunities to choose the path that best fits for their abilities and interests.

Desired Outcome: All staff will understand the expectations of delivering a robust curriculum and current learning experiences that is consistent, thorough, and engaging.

Goal Statement: Develop and implement a plan to attract and retain highly-qualified, motivated staff.

Desired Outcome: We can maximize professional learning and build upon prior knowledge to develop a layered approach that will maximize instructional practices to best fit the needs of all students.

Goal Statement: Develop a core set of values that support social-emotional health for all Bobcats.

Desired Outcome: Safety, well-being, enthusiasm, and love of learning will improve for all students and staff.

Goal Statement: Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for improving and maintaining the physical assets of the district.

Desired Outcome: Students and staff will have the necessary resources for optimal learning and athletic competition environments.