Super Intendent Scott Huard


 As the new superintendent of the Whiteford Agricultural School   District, it is my sincere pleasure and honor to join this amazing   community, and I am excited about partnering with students, staff,   families, and community to ensure that we fulfill the district's   mission, vision, and strategic plan.

 I have been dedicated to serving children, staff, and families for 26   years in public education as a teacher, athletic coach, special   education supervisor, building principal, and Director of Elementary Education. I am committed to seeing the strong legacy that has been created at Whiteford Agricultural School District continue for many years to come.

Scott L. Huard



Whiteford Agricultural Schools

6655 Consear Rd
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
Phone: 734-856-1443
Fax: 734-854-6463


Scott Huard
Deb Motyka-Iott
Administrative Assistant