Whiteford Middle / High School

6655 Consear Road
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
Phone: 734-856-1443
Fax: 734-856-2564

MS/HS Principal

Name Department Position Phone
Tuller, Kelli Office MS/HS Principal 734-856-1443 x102

Athletic Director

Name Department Position Phone
Mensing, Jason Athletics Athletic Director 734-856-1443 x103

Administrative Assistant

Name Department Position Phone
Lake, Ali Office Administrative Assistant 734-856-1443 x109
Lake, Ali Athletics Administrative Assistant 734-856-1443 x109
TBA, TBA Office Administrative Assistant 734-856-1443 x108

Director of Student Advancement

Name Department Position Phone
Mensing, Jason Office Director of Student Advancement 734-856-1443 x103

Dean of Student Services/Career Coach

Name Department Position Phone
Cavanaugh, Stephanie Office Dean of Student Services/Career Coach 734-856-1443 x122

District Counselor

Name Department Position Phone
Head, Jennifer Office District Counselor 734-856-1443 x309


Name Department Position Phone
Anderson, Marcy Sixth Grade Faculty 734-856-1443 x234
Bruce, Corrinn Science Faculty 734-856-1443 x203
Childers, Lisa Art Faculty 734-856-1443 x211
Clites, Barb Math Faculty 734-856-1443 x209
Delmotte, Michelle English / Journalism Faculty 734-856-1443 x214
DeSilvis, Jim Social Studies Faculty 734-856-1443 x204
Fleshman, Nathan Science Faculty 734-856-1443 x215
Gust, Jacob Science Faculty 734-856-1443 x222
Haley, Melissa Sixth Grade Faculty 734-856-1443 x213
Henry, Shannon Resource Room Faculty 734-856-1443 x227
Howard, Tom English Faculty 734-856-1443 x217
Lewandowski, Tara Resource Room Faculty 734-856-1443 x207
Manley, Les Sixth Grade Faculty 734-856-1443 x212
Ross, Jim English Faculty 734-856-1443 x228
Roth, Melissa Math Faculty 734-856-1443 x216
Schreiber, Todd K-12 Vocal Music Faculty 734-856-1443 x202
Schwartz, Carley HS Spanish Faculty 734-856-1443 x210
Scott, Linda Life Mgmt./English Faculty 734-856-1443 x225
Simmons, Jeremy Social Studies Faculty 734-856-1443 x220
Stevens, Brad Math Faculty 734-856-1443 x226
VanBrandt, Matt Physical Education Faculty 734-856-1443 x218
Waclawski, Alyssa MS Resource Room Faculty 734-856-1443 x207
Welling, David 5-12 Band Faculty 734-856-1443 x201
Weygand, Janet Science Faculty 734-856-1443 x229

Instructional Coach

Name Department Position Phone
Mitchey, Cari Instructional Instructional Coach 734-856-1443 x227


Name Department Position Phone
Carmody, Sarah Special Services (ISD) Psychologist 734-856-1443

S.W. Region Director

Name Department Position Phone
Landis, Shawna Special Services (ISD) S.W. Region Director 734-242-5799 x1700

Social Worker

Name Department Position Phone
McKeever, Leslie Special Services (ISD) Social Worker 734-856-1443 x234