December 3, 2018

After Prom Meeting

Parents ... A few folks have mentioned the desire to plan an after-prom event for our students attending Prom this year. This type of event requires lots of helping hands to ensure our students have a safe and fun all-night event. Judy Gill from St. Michael Lutheran Church has agreed to be the lead coordinator for this event and would like to invite folks to the first planning meeting on Tuesday, December 11th at 6:30 pm at St. Michael’s Church (5790 W. Temperance Rd., Ottawa Lake, MI). She mentioned she will keep this meeting brief as she recognizes that this is a busy time of year. Please consider attending to find out how you can help provide a safe, fun, and drug and alcohol-free event for our students after they attend the prom. Judy is inviting parents, students, and others to ensure enough help and build a team for future years. If you are interested, but unable to attend on Dec 11th, please reach out to Judy at 419.460.2063 or

Thank you for considering supporting our students on this night.