Athletic Passes

Depending on the number of people in your family and/or the number of athletic events attended throughout the school year, a season pass can represent substantial savings from single event ticket prices. These passes are good for all events in the noted season, excluding tournaments.

Family Pass - $100/season, $250/yr
good for parents/guardians and children (grade 12 and under)

Student Pass - $25/season, $60/yr
good for students currently attending Whiteford Schools

Adult Pass - $40/season, $100/yr
good for one adult (age 18 and over)

Senior Citizen Pass - $5/season, $10/yr
good for one individual (age 63 and older)

Ticket Prices

Following are single event ticket prices for Whiteford athletic events:

Varsity Football and Basketball, JV / Varsity Volleyball
$5/adult and $4/student

JV / Varsity Baseball and Softball, JV Football
$3/adult and $2/student

All Middle School Sports
$3/adult and $2/student

Senior Citizens (age 63 and over)